Voice conferencing

You can save time and money by installing a high-quality voice conferencing system. Sure’s voice conferencing systems remove the need to travel to meetings, freeing you up to get more out of your day. 

Key features +

  • Reduces travel costs & your carbon footprint
  • Enables you to react quickly to changing business requirements
  • Group call telephone numbers available 24/7

Overview +

For maximum flexibility, you can choose from two conferencing options

1) Pre-booked dial-in conference

This type of conference is best suited to meetings with a large number of attendees that require a 100% guarantee of availability.

Pre-booked conferences are easy to set up. We agree a date/time and a PIN with you; we then confirm your booking by e-mail. You forward the confirmation to your attendees who all dial into our conference bridge at the arranged time.

2) On-demand dial-in conference

This method of conferencing avoids the administration of pre-booked meetings and is most suited to ad hoc project meetings.

Specs +

Our conference booking service is easy to use.

  1. We issue each of your meeting organisers with the 'conference service information'. This gives you the access details for a permanently available virtual conference room.
  2. The organiser informs attendees of date & time, and PIN to access the virtual conference room, each time a meeting is required.
  3. Attendees dial into our conference bridge at the arranged time.

Downloads +

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    Guernsey Price Lists - Conferencing