Disaster Recovery

Sure International’s ISO and PCI-DSS Level One accredited data centres offer reliable, robust and resilient disaster recovery solutions that give you complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your business.

Key features +

  • Unique solution designed for your business
  • We remotely divert your services, so you can be up and running in hours
  • Diversion of incoming call traffic to an alternative location(s)
  • Diversion of private circuits to an alternative location(s)
  • Diversions can be invoked 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Diverting of voice services +

In the event of severe business disruption, your incoming call traffic can quickly be diverted to your back up site. We can invoke diversions for complete number ranges with the divert being made to either a single destination number or to a maximum of 20 alternative local or national numbers.

Continuous number blocks can be broken out from the complete Direct Dial In (DDI) number range into a maximum of 20 blocks, diverted up to a maximum of 20 destination numbers. Each block is diverted to one destination number, but more than one block can be diverted to the same number if required.

Diverting of private circuits +

Private circuit diversions redirect your data to an alternative site via a pre-installed backup circuit between the two sites. These circuits need to be installed with a point of cross connection within the same exchange.

Downloads +

  • pdf

    Guernsey Price List - Disaster Recovery