Online Backup

Online Backup from Sure International is delivered in partnership with EVault Inc. and uses our world-class data centres to provide online data backup and recovery solutions to offshore businesses.

With Online Backup, your data is automatically backed up over the internet to one of our highly secure datacentres. Throughout a backup, you can remotely monitor and manage processes from your web browser using the easy-to-use Online Backup interface.

We can also provide instant centralised, accurate information about your entire backup and recovery process.

To make Online Backup as easy as possible to access, we offer two pricing models and the option of a fully managed service.

Pricing options +

1. Tiered Capacity

Particularly suitable for smaller organisations or companies that may need to expand storage capacity, the Tiered Capacity option enables you to pay in advance for storage at a fixed monthly rate.

There are two Tiered Capacity options

  • Tiered Capacity 30 - up to 30 daily backups retained for 30 days
  • Tiered Capacity 30/11 - up to 30 daily backups and 11 monthly backups

2. Customised

This gives ultimate flexibility in customised retention and is most suitable for customers that wish to retain data for longer periods. Customers can configure their custom retention profiles and are invoiced monthly, based on total compressed gigabyte storage in use at the end of the month.

Online Backup Managed Services +

Efficiently manage and maintain your backup and recovery environment.

Running effective backup and recovery is not easy - problems arise when backups are misconfigured or backup logs go unchecked or managed, leaving companies vulnerable to critical data loss.

With our affordable Online Backup Managed Service, you can outsource the management of your backup requirements to Sure, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that your backups are successful and any errors will be fully investigated.

Backing up your servers

Our server backup service configures and monitors your backup through to successful completion. We commit to troubleshooting any issues 24/7 and perform restores when required. 

Managing your vault

Our client vault managed service includes initial installation, configuration and monitoring of the health and performance of your local backup vault 24/7.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

This service ensures that backed up servers can be effectively restored into our Infrastructure as a Service environment and used for disaster recovery purposes. 

The service also includes

  • One disaster recovery test per year
  • 24/7 technical support and availability in the event of a disaster

Bandwidth calculator +

Our bandwidth calculator is designed to provide transmission times across various size links using our online backup service. Click here to calculate your requirements.

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