Mimecast Offshore

Sure International has partnered with leading email security experts, Mimecast, to give you a highly secure, fully archived offshore email service that keeps your business communications up and running 24/7.

With Sure's Mimecast Offshore solution, you need never lose an email again.  For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact your account manager.

Key features +

  • "Always-On" email
  • Up to 99 years message storage (58-days as standard)
  • Anytime, anywhere web-based access
  • Intelligent anti-spam and anti-virus protection
  • Secure, encrypted offshore data repository
  • Archiving with rapid search and on-demand retrieval
  • Email branding and policy-driven corporate stationery
  • Resilient infrastructure in an offshore location
  • Seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure

Email solutions +

Mimecast Offshore is suitable for all sizes of business and perfect for those that need to keep emails encrypted for legal and compliance reasons or need a secure, easily searchable email archive.

Email Solutions Case Studies

Email is an enormous part of any company's communications and as IT, compliance and business requirements have merged, it has become necessary to find email storage systems that meet legal and compliance standards.

Sure’s easy-to-manage Email Solutions give you the advanced email continuity, compliance, archiving, and security that your business needs.

You can see how other firms are using our Email Solutions in the downloads section.

Email security +

Mimecast Offshore delivers email security via two main features.

1. Anti-spam / anti-virus

Intelligent anti-spam eliminates the need for spam administration while simultaneously eliminating false positives. Mimecast Offshore uses advanced reputation and authentication algorithms whilst learning the email identities of your legitimate correspondents in order to filter 98% of spam and deliver 100% legitimate emails. 

ARMed SMTP technology restores the transactional integrity that content filters remove from the SMTP protocol so that no legitimate messages go missing. The result is an intelligent system that leaves behind outdated content filtering and allows you to spend your time elsewhere. 

Multi-layered anti-virus

Mimecast Offshore's robust virus protection uses a multi-layered approach to defend against malicious and fraudulent emails.

On one level, ARMed SMTP content filtering guards against Trojans, mail storms, zombies and scatter back attacks, while on another, stream-based signature scanners block known threats and combat phishing and scams.

A third level of protection comes in the form of heuristic analysis. This ensures zero-day threat protection and is aided by attachment controls that also perform additional functions. These narrow options available to exploits, allow specification for organisational attachment lockdown and guard against polymorphic threats.

2. Secure email

The Mimecast platform is TLS-enabled for cost-effective many-to-many secure email communications between consenting organisations. Deployment is a simple matter of ensuring that both delivering and recipient email infrastructures have a valid SSL certificate and then setting up a unidirectional or bidirectional policy in Mimecast. All subsequent communications are then delivered over an encrypted transport layer.

Native to the email management platform is the ability to have completely secure email communication with no requirement for additional software or infrastructure purchases. Once sent, email from within the Mimecast Offshore client organisation is held within a local secure vault and a message is generated and forwarded to the recipient's email address alerting them that there is a new email in their secure mailbox. Recipients can then securely log into the system via an SSL-encrypted browser connection and respond to email, as well as view and search historic emails.

Mimecast Offshore also offers a unique collaborative facility that enables external groups of individuals to log in securely to communicate amongst each other and also to access matter-centric, shared central views of team communications.

Email continuity +

Our email continuity service has two components: Mimecast email continuity and Mimecast services for BlackBerry. Together, they offer your business uninterrupted access to your organisation's most important communication tool - email.

Mimecast acts as a live standby mail server at the perimeter, accepting and spooling mail until the primary mail server is available to receive it. The result? End users are also able to access mail even in the event of a complete site outage.

Mimecast services for BlackBerry

Mimecast Offshore delivers email continuity for BlackBerry smartphone users. This is in addition to access via Outlook and a web browser.

Email archiving +

Enjoy easy email archiving with Mimecast Offshore

  • Short or long-term archive with no upper limit
  • Secure, encrypted offshore data repository
  • Instant search and retrieval on demand
  • Enables compliance with data storage regulations
  • Central control for information management and business intelligence
  • Satisfies internal and external policy requirements
  • Enables quick response to discovery requests

Large File Send for Outlook +

Mimecast’s Large File Send for Outlook is a superb solution that enables your colleagues to send large file via email without causing headaches for the IT team.

By providing an alternative to consumer applications, you maintain control of your company’s email communications and are able to enforce policies, check content ad securely archive the messages and attachments.

Mimecast's Large File Send for Outlook is cloud-based an enables end-users to remain productive by sending large files via a secure, centrally managed service that maintains compliance with enterprise policy and doesn’t interrupt workflow.

  • Encryption of attachments, password protection and custom expiration dates
  • Storage growth is reduced with perpetual links for archiving customers
  • Large files are archived according to retention policies
  • File audit tracking is easy, from central administration console
  • Data leak prevention ensures compliance with corporate policies
  • A comprehensive set of eDiscovery and compliance features can be applied to all data
  • Large file traffic is removed from the email server

Instant Message (IM) Archive +

Safely store, secure and retrieve Instant Messages.

IM Archive enables organisations to archive Microsoft Lync® instant message conversations and helps you remain compliant whilst reducing risk and avoiding complexity.

IM Archive stores all Lync® IM conversations in the Mimecast archive which delivers fast, reliable search results from the Lync® archive.

You can archive the following content with IM Archive

  • Peer-to-peer instant messages
  • Multiparty instant messages
  • Transferred files
  • 'Meet Me' presentations and whiteboards*

All archived content is stored in the Mimecast Cloud Information Platform, a highly secure and resilient platform supported by a 100% availability SLA.

  • Archives Microsoft Lync® IM conversations into the Mimecast Cloud Information Platform unified archive
  • Improves discovery workers' productivity by providing a single search interface
  • Perpetual retention, low setup cost and charging per user means costs are predictable
  • Expands your native IM archiving capability and seamlessly integrates with Mimecast
  • Delivers eDiscovery across archived IM conversations without needing third-party or export data
  • Provides power separation of compliance data from administrators and end users
  • Effective deduplication and single-instance storage across all archived content

*Whiteboards are archived for Lync® 2013.

Mimecast support +

+44 1534 752 300

[email protected]

Downloads +

  • pdf

    Mimecast Offshore Factsheet

  • pdf

    Email - Security and Regulatory Overview for the Channel Islands

  • pdf

    Butterfield Bank - Case Study

  • pdf

    Mimecast Hawksford International case study

  • pdf

    Jersey Financial Services Commission - Case Study