BlackBerry plans

With dedicated Blackberry Plans and the only BlackBerry certified technicians in the Channel Islands, Sure International is the natural choice for your BlackBerry solution.

Key features +

  • Blackberry’s advanced security features ensure you and your colleagues can confidently access sensitive information on the go
  • Choice of cost effective roaming solutions
  • Choose between BlackBerry Internet Service™ (BIS) or BlackBerry Enterprise Service™ (BES) according to the size and needs of your business

BlackBerry does more than keep you in touch whilst you are on the move, it keeps you securely connected so you can communicate in confidence and makes sure you stay on top of every day with secure reconciliation of email, calendars, contacts and applications directly from your BlackBerry device anytime, anywhere.

Business solutions +

BlackBerry offers two solutions for different types of business.

BlackBerry Internet service™ (BIS)

A cloud-based solution that gives you fully secure access to your emails and calendars via the cloud. It enables you to manage up to 10 email accounts and is ideal for smaller businesses that don’t have their own email servers.

  • Simple set up via the Sure BlackBerry portal
  • Easy to use email and internet
  • Manage up to 10 different email accounts, from Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail and most other POP3 Internet Service Providers
  • Store unlimited data (with 30-day auto-ageing)
  • 128-bit-encryption for enhanced security
  • Includes an optional email account:

BlackBerry Support

Perfect for companies using the BES service, our BlackBerry Support plan ensures you receive the latest BlackBerry upgrades and technical support on any working day.

  • Rapid response: 2 hour response on a working day
  • Telephone support: unlimited technical telephone support puts you directly in touch with one of our certified technicians
  • Software upgrades and patches to your BES server; logs and general health checking; answers to all customer queries

BlackBerry handsets +

BlackBerry offers a great range of handsets that you easily add to your BIS or BES service. BlackBerry’s handsets come equipped with everything you would expect from a smartphone, making them the perfect partners for your business and social lives.

Downloads +