Other services

We also offer service availability monitoring, managed firewall, internet connectivity and more!

Service availability monitoring +

Service availability monitoring ensures that the vital services of your ecommerce site (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and email) as well as the core functions of your servers, such as CPU, disk and memory utilisation, are constantly monitored by automated systems. All alarms are monitored by operational staff around the clock and are escalated according to your established procedures.

Managed firewall +

A number of comprehensive firewall management services are available that include, amongst other things, the monitoring of vital signs and suspicious behaviour, log file analysis, firewall application upgrade, and patch management and security policy management.

Internet connectivity +

Our internet backbone services offers fully redundant access with capacities that range from 2Mb/s to 100Mb/s with higher bandwidths available on request. Both Fixed and Burstable bandwidth options are available.

Load balancing +

Balancing your business throughput across multiple servers offers the dual benefits of high availability, as the failure of any one server will not compromise your connections to the net, and eases the task of future upgrades by virtually eliminating downtime.

For the ultimate in high availability, you can also use our multi-site service.