Leased lines (SDH)

With our point-to-point leased lines (private circuits) you know you’re getting dedicated, always-on, fixed bandwidth connectivity that enables you to power your business with data, internet or voice traffic.

Key features +

  • Connects computers and information systems, enabling data transfer for real time applications
  • Links separate local area networks (LANs) to create large LANs or wide area networks (WANs)
  • Can be used to replicate data off-site for disaster recovery purposes
  • Connects securely to other companies, information providers or data networks
  • Standardises communications across your organisation
  • No hidden costs, the fixed price makes budgeting easy
  • Dedicated bandwidth between locations for secure connections
  • Availability and repair times backed up by our service level guarantees
  • Service is delivered over a resilient, carrier class core network backed by local engineering support

Overview +

Private Circuits are incredibly cost effective, particularly if you tend to exchange large volumes of data between your company’s sites or those of a valued business partner. You can use our private circuits for any size and type of business because they are suitable for local, national and international connections.

We provide standard (SDH) and Ethernet connections so you can choose the one that best fits the needs of your business. Both allow you to connect locally, across the islands, UK or worldwide.

Downloads +

  • pdf

    Private Circuits Guernsey

  • pdf

    Private Circuits Jersey

  • pdf

    Private Circuits Isle of Man