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Cybersecurity - staying ahead of the threats

Sure’s newest Account Director, Joseph Walls, introduces Trustwave, the managed security specialists who are visiting the Isle of Man this week to explain how they take the effort away from businesses seeking to protect themselves from the ever-growing threat ecosystem.

Trustwave Cybersecurity Breakfast Briefing 08:00 at the British Public Houseregister here.

From a cybersecurity perspective, there has never been a time like this.

The threat landscape is more diverse and far-reaching than it has ever been and, of course, businesses are more connected and reliant on that connectivity enduring 24/7/365.

From phishing attacks that fool staff into clicking on malicious links, to highly coordinated hacking that targets financial services firms (think Panama/Paradise Papers) or payment databases, in 2018, the IT practitioner has to be constantly on their guard, aware that their firm’s network could be attacked at any time.

A vast threat landscape

The sheer scale and diversity of the threat landscape makes the task of staying on top of it and remaining aware of the different threats and their methods of deployment, incredibly difficult, particularly for those of us who are not dedicated security specialists. The difficulty that IT managers and directors face in keeping their networks secure doesn’t, however, mean that organisations are necessarily vulnerable.

The key to maintaining the highest levels of security is to partner with experts, those people and organisations who spend all of their time assessing the threat landscape and devising countermeasures that keep client systems secure.

Partnerships that deliver world-leading expertise

Sure’s decade-long partnership with email security specialists, Mimecast Offshore, is a fantastic example of how businesses can help each other remain safe by working together and offering the fruits of such relationships to customers.

Similarly, our new partnership with managed security specialists, Trustwave, is set to become another example of the value that Sure can offer island businesses through its innovative and trusted partnerships.

Like Mimecast, Trustwave is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader and is trusted by thousands of businesses around the world that rely on it to detect and protect against all manner of threats.

As a managed service, Trustwave relieves you of the burden of staying ahead of the threat landscape. Every day, its systems remotely scan one million endpoints for threats, logging over two billion security and compliance events in the process and taking remedial action wherever it is required.

Committed to island businesses

Sure’s partnership with Trustwave has come about following a long and detailed review of its services and capabilities. It was only after we were satisfied that Trustwave truly is the leader in the managed security services field that we entered into what has quickly become a close and rewarding relationship.

Perhaps the clearest sign of Trustwave’s commitment to island businesses is the fact that some of their key cybersecurity experts are taking time to visit the island to speak with business leaders from all sectors, advising them of the full extent of the threat landscape and ensuring that Manx companies have a clear understanding of the risks to them.

In order to give business leaders the opportunity to learn from Trustwave first-hand, we’re holding a Breakfast Briefing this Thursday 26th July where Trustwave’s cybersecurity experts will discuss the latest trends in the threat landscape and security pressures facing organisations of all sizes, today.

Being held at the British Embassy Room in the British Public House, all are invited but because space is limited, we’re asking you to register for this free event in advance. Starting at 08:00 and lasting till 10:00, the Trustwave event will give you a concise and informative overview of today’s cybersecurity priorities and a look ahead at future threats.

It’s easy to join us, just click here and sign up for free today. There’s no doubt that it will be a rewarding two hours. I’m looking forward to it and hope to see you there on Thursday!

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