vCloud services

You can use the freedom and flexibility that cloud computing offers to create your own technology environment, using Sure International’s vCloud services.

Overview +

  • Offers a secure, self-managed technology environment that gives you the means to automate routine tasks and provisioning, flexibly deliver computing resources as and when needed, and evolve and develop your infrastructure without placing any restrictions on future decisions regarding operating systems, hardware or applications
  • Simplifies both provisioning and deployment, is cost effective, stable, scalable and reliable and enables a rapid response to business change
  • Eliminates capital expenditure, reduces approval cycles and time-to-market, which is critical in such a competitive industry
  • Gives you easy, self-service access and most importantly, you know that you are in control
  • Enables you to allocate resource in a granular manner to gain maximum efficiency from the services you procure and its 'elasticity' gives you the flexibility to acquire or release capacity on demand

 As well as giving you complete control over your entire technology environment and service levels, vCloud also gives you greater visibility into costs and greater automation delivered by software with lower admin to server ratios.

We also provide resource pools which can be used for small deployments or from which you can create a virtual data centre.