Hosting services

When you choose Sure International for your eGaming hosting, you know that you’ll receive world-class service backed up by world-class data centres from a company that provides diversely connected and resilient hosting services to customers worldwide. 


Overview +

As a Sure client you benefit from DDoS protection services and access to global content delivery networks from highly secure data centres. Importantly, these are built upon a power and environmental infrastructure that has no single point of failure and delivers 99.999% uptime.

From the beginning, our aim was to build a power and environmental infrastructure with no single point of failure. To achieve this, we have used diversely connected dual incoming power feeds to supply resilient power supplies to our datacentres. 

Our datacentres +

Our datacentres are designed with A&B power routes that provide N+N electrical path resilience to the critical power distribution units within it.  In addition to the resilient power provision, the datacentres are backed up by hosting fast-start generators. To control the environment within the datacentres N+2 independent close control air-conditioning units are installed.

Building management systems are employed to monitor the environment and ensure that any potential problems receive immediate attention.  This level of design and fault tolerance is perfect for businesses where the reliability of service to customers is paramount and supported by 100% SLAs.

Internet backbone +

Our multi-site, resilient internet backbone offers the reliability, scalability and security that are vital for businesses to thrive in today's challenging economic environment. The backbone has been designed to ensure that there are no single points of failure and no reliance on any single service provider. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that they do not have to manage telco providers or multi-home IP feeds. We proactively manage IP transit from our providers to ensure we maintain 100% service levels.