Locations and networks

Located in Jersey and Guernsey, our data centres are connected to one of the world’s largest and fastest global backbone networks, which means that we can cope with all of your capacity and security needs 100% of the time. The islands also provide the ideal physically, politically and legally stable environments in which to store and manage your business data.

The strength of our offshore infrastructure means that our customers know they will receive 100% connectivity, security and support, regardless of their physical location.

Our data centres serve customers who are located around the world and whilst our largest operations are in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, we also have a enormous expertise working in other international finance centres including the Caribbean, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Gibraltar.

Key features +

  • Physically, politically and legally, the Channel Islands provide the ideal stable environment in which to house your data
  • Our highly secure compounds are manned around the clock - two factor electronic security access is standard and only authorised personnel are able to enter
  • CCTV surveillance, video recording and high-security internal and external locks - intelligent, event-based alarm activation all work together to form a highly secure area
  • Direct connections to a robust, resilient, reliable global backbone network

Putting your customers first +

Crucially, we’ve designed our core network to specifically maintain your customers’ user experience when there is disruption on the internet or at the IP layer and use Prefix Independent Convergence (PIC) technology to ensure that your traffic recovers from any internet network failure within 50 milliseconds, too fast to be noticed.

Using PIC avoids border gateway protocol (BGP) issues and eliminates the associated multi-minute re-convergence downtimes experienced on traditional ISP networks. The IP core is also engineered to enable rapid core upgrades and the integration of more IP transit fibre links from additional public and private Tier 1 IP transit services. This means that capacity, reach and quality of service are never an issue for Sure customers.

Connectivity +

Sure connects business across the Channel Islands, ensuring they have fast, secure and resilient data connections that give them the information they need whenever they need it.


Access to bandwidth +

Bandwidth is not a problem for our off-island network. Delivering more than 40Gbps (greater than many large nations), you can rest assured that your business bandwidth needs are more than catered for at Sure and because we have the capacity, you know that we can respond rapidly whenever you need to change or upgrade.

From the core of our network to connections across the globe, we operate with the highest levels of resilience and redundancy that is delivered through multiple network solutions

  • Layer 1 high availability undersea fibre networks
  • Layer 2 Private Circuit network
  • Layer 3 high availability IP core

Layer 1 - high availability undersea fibre networks

When you partner with Sure, you know that you are working with an operator that has the expertise and experience that comes with operating a high-capacity, high-availability, carrier-class undersea cable network.

Sitting on top of this first layer, we have deployed layer 2 and layer 3 private circuit and IP networks that deliver world-class communications and data services. This fibre network is wholly owned and managed by Sure, giving our clients high levels of resilience and access to high-capacity global fibre networks.

Our layer 1 network is carried out of Guernsey via four diverse routes which meet multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) in Jersey, France and the UK, guaranteeing resilience to and from the Channel Islands.

Sure is unique amongst offshore telcos because we operate multiple principal transit nodes on the Cable & Wireless World Wide Global Mesh Network . This network regularly carries US to EU traffic, in excess of 100Gbps over 80 x 10Gbps transatlantic fibre routes.

Layer 2 - Private Circuit network

Built upon our highly resilient undersea fibre network, we offer high-availability layer 2 global connectivity solutions that include point-to-point or point-to multipoint services. The network also provides a variety of connectivity types including Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH), Ethernet or Multi Packet Label Switching (MPLS).

Our network’s Carrier Class MPLS core is deployed using dedicated Alcatel Lucent hardware that is completely separate to our Core Cisco IP network. This multi-layer, multi-vendor separation of IP and private circuit networks ensures greater segregation and gives the highest possible levels of resilience, security and availability for our clients’ front end and back end IT systems.

Our secure private circuits provide resilience through diversely routed STM 64 (10Gb) circuits and guarantee low latency, low packet loss and minimal jitter. All our circuits can be monitored and supported 24/7/365 by our network operations centre (NOC), which ensures any problems are identified and resolved in the shortest possible time.

Layer 3 - high availability IP core

Sure’s Core IP network is ideally suited to firms that need to maintain high quality internet connectivity, particularly where critical and guaranteed levels of performance and resilience are essential.

This Core IP network guarantees 99.999% high availability of IP connectivity (taking into account planned outages and DDoS attacks). The network has been designed to guarantee high quality performance with design specifications that include up to 40Gb of capacity, minimal latency (<20ms), minimal packet loss (<0.03%) and minimal jitter (<10ms) between your data centre equipment and the edge of our network.

Downloads +

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