Disaster Recovery

Sure International’s ISO and PCI-DSS Level One accredited data centres offer reliable, robust and resilient disaster recovery solutions that give you complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your business.

Sure’s secure and reliable disaster recovery solutions integrate with your business continuity plans to keep you open for business, whatever the weather.

Key features +

  • Unique solution designed for your business
  • We remotely divert your services, so you can be up and running in hours
  • Diversion of incoming call traffic to an alternative location(s)
  • Diversion of private circuits to an alternative location(s)
  • Diversions can be invoked 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Managed data backup and storage solutions so you never experience lost data scenarios and can restore damaged or lost data at any time

Business continuity +

Our world-class facilities can be used to invoke your business contingency arrangements and keep you open for business when your communications are disrupted.

We can quickly divert lines and circuits along pre-arranged routes and your business information can be secured and accessed via our data centres.

We design and build solutions with you to ensure that, in the event of an emergency, your plans are invoked immediately and downtime is kept to a minimum, no matter when the disruption occurs.

Data backup +

We can manage your data backup for you, storing and changing tapes on a daily basis.

We’ll change your tapes during normal working hours and store them in a secure, fire suppressed, controlled environment, offsite from your servers.

When data needs to be restored, all it takes is a quick call to your account manager or just log an assistance request and we will have the data online in no time.

We backup data to your schedule and use tapes and drive equipment supplied by you. Storage solutions can be built to your specific needs (off-site or co-located) but we are not responsible for data integrity.

Pay As You Go Disaster Recovery +

We make sure that our Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions are available to businesses of all sizes by offering a Pay As You Go DR service.

Developed using a combination of our proven Online Backup and vCloud solutions, the Pay As You Go service protects both physical and virtual servers. It is highly cost-effective and provides you with a virtual disaster recovery site and the means to restore your data and business-critical applications.

Hosting +

Companies looking to operate and manage their own disaster recovery facilities can use Sure’s hosting services to provide the rack space, power, bandwidth and security they need.

Companies that choose disaster recovery hosting with Sure, meet their business continuity requirements by providing their own hardware and installing their own server architecture in our data centres.

Online backup +

Our online backup service is more reliable and secure than traditional tape backups. By combining disk-disk backup technology with offsite data storage in our secure datacentres, online backup lets you restore data and recover failed servers with the minimum of fuss.

Mimecast Offshore - email continuity and archiving +

You can avoid storing large amounts of email in your email servers and therefore reducing their performance by choosing email continuity and archiving from Sure’s partner, Mimecast Offshore.

Mimecast Offshore works seamlessly with your existing email infrastructure, enabling you to manage your retention policies and storage separately of your primary mail server and independently of end users.

Mimecast Offshore offers the capability to manage and control the retention of all emails, whether created within your email infrastructure, your website or other business systems. End users retain access to their old emails because their archives can be imported and form part of the managed storage set.

Cloud Recovery +

The Cloud offers an attractive alternative to hosted disaster recovery solutions as it reduces the need for extra IT infrastructure and resources, making it possible to protect all of your business applications, not just those that are critical.

Sure’s usage-based cost model is perfectly suited for disaster recovery purposes where the secondary infrastructure is on standby and ready to use when you need it.  This enables small and medium-size businesses to deploy enterprise-class disaster recovery options that were previously only available to large companies.

Downloads +

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    Business Continuity - Guernsey

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    Pay As You Go Disaster Recovery