DDoS protection

Sure International protects your servers and networks from devastating DDoS attacks with solutions that not only recognise malicious data but blocks it, whilst at the same time, letting legitimate data through and keeping your business running throughout an attack.

Overview +

Unfortunately, DDoS attacks have become a commonplace threat to online businesses. Globally, there are over 50,000 distinct attacks per week with many targeting the eGaming industry.  DDoS attacks have become highly visible and costly forms of cybercrime and eGaming businesses cannot afford to ignore the risks. 

Our DDoS protection service uses a sophisticated multi-verification process to filter out all but legitimate traffic to your website, enabling your business to continue operating as normal even under a sustained attack.

As an extra layer of protection, our 24/7 monitoring service identifies and deals with potential threats before your business suffers from a malicious attack.

Sure’s DDoS protection service keeps your website and customers protected from targeted attacks.

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