eShore is a Cayman based and Cayman owned company providing world-class Information Technology support services and is an official partner of Sure International.

Set up by Polly Pickering in the wake of hurricane Ivan in 2004, eShore started out offering disaster recovery IT from an ISO and PCI certified Foreshore data centre based in Jersey, Channel Islands, which is now owned by Sure International.

eShore continues to partner with Sure International to this day but has expanded its offering to include a range of core IT solutions covering all aspects of business continuity and offshore email, as well as risk mitigation and efficiency solutions to help customers protect and drive value from their sensitive business data.

eShore’s clients are predominantly served by Sure International’s resilient, purpose-built data centres and cloud platforms based in Jersey. Jersey is best known as a one of the world's leading International Finance Centres ensuring reliability, political and economic stability, and a sophisticated and comprehensive infrastructure.